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Facebook Advertising

We can empower your listing and find potential customers for you with ease on Facebook

SHARERIG Facebook Advertising

Utilising the power of Facebook advertising
to reach your target audience.

Multi-Product Display: Showcase Variety Ad for Diverse Inventories on Facebook

Display multiple products in just one visually appealing and engaging Facebook ad.


Use when: you are a new business, you are an old business, you have a wide range of products

Transformative Impact: Success Story Ad to Elevate Brand Credibility on Facebook

Share how your business has positively impacted customers and boost your brand’s credibility on Facebook.


Use when: both you are a new or an old business

Promoted Listing Ad: Amplified Visibility in Competitive Social Platforms

It helps your business stand out in competitive marketplaces, showcasing your products to a larger audience of potential buyers.


Use: highly competitive markets to stand out form the crowd

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Discount or Deal Ad: Showcasing Irresistible Offers on Special Occasions

Advertise special offers and promotions such as discounted price, percentage off, or any added value and immediately attract customers.


Use when: a special holiday, seasonal sale, special sale, prices drop

List your truck or trailer on SHARERIG

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Turn Clicks into Customers

In today’s digital age, social media advertising isn’t just cost-effective—it’s essential. 

Join hands with us to reach the right people at the right time. 

Let’s find solutions that fit your industry perfectly.

Reach Potential Customers

Reach new people from your industry.

Create awareness

Quickly get the word out about your business, auction, event, or promotion to the right audience.

Stay Top of Mind

Be the first choice when customers decide to buy.

Drive Results, Fuel your sales

Increase your sales with our finely-tuned Facebook ads.

Generate Leads

Connect with ready-to-buy customers.

Drive Traffic

Generate thousands of clicks from potential new customers to your website and Facebook page.

Reach Potential Clients

Your success matters to us, which is why we devote considerable time to research and create great-looking, effective Facebook advertising campaigns we feel confident will help you reach thousands of potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The advertisement will be displayed on Facebook/Instagram, which will help you reach new potential users beyond ShareRig’s visitors.

You will receive a monthly report showing how many users your advertisement reached, how many clicks your listing received, and how much was spent on your advertisement.

At ShareRig, we provide budget-friendly options to fit a variety of financial plans. Our minimum advertising budget starts at just $100, aimed to deliver impactful results without straining your wallet. For personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs, simply click the ‘Get Started’ button and fill out the form. We’ll be in touch with customized suggestions.

The number of advertised listings depends on the type of advertisement you choose. You can see all the types of advertisements we offer above.

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