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We've got your back! Our support team is ready to assist you with uploading your listings, and we're always here to help if you have any specific needs or requirements.

Smooth onboarding

We handle the entire rental process for you, from verifying renters to collecting paperwork and secure payments, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Verified users

We ensure that your vehicles are rented out only to verified renters giving you peace of mind that your rigs are in good hands.

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Why list on ShareRig marketplace?



Competitive pricing

The ShareRig marketplace can help you set competitive pricing by providing you with data on similar units in your area.

Increased visibility and occupancy rates

ShareRig marketplace helps you expand your customer base by attracting renters from different regions and industries, while also increasing its visibility to potential renters who might not have found your listing otherwise.

Streamlined rental process

We handle the rental process for you, from verifying renters to handling paperwork and payments, which can save you time and hassle.

Reduced marketing costs

By listing your truck and trailer on ShareRig marketplace (for FRЕЕ), you also get FREE ads on Facebook which helps you save on marketing costs. We take care of promotion and advertising.

Access to resources

ShareRig can assist you with insurance, GPS installation, maintenance*, and financing options, which can help you better manage and maintain your truck/ trailer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The rental process starts with creating a listing for your vehicle(s). The standard package for handling the rental process includes verification of renters, collection of documents, preparation of the contract and handling payments.

You can list any type of vehicles on the platform. Sharerig is a marketplace for semi trucks and trailers for rent, sale, and lease to buy.

What are the fees associated with listing vehicles on the platform, and how does payment work? At SHARERIG, there are no fees for listing your vehicle on our marketplace. SHARERIG offers to its clients FEE FREE experience on transactions where they handle all paperwork and payments themselves. SHARERIG do provide a premium service in two tiers – standard and managed. With the standard package, we charge a 10% fee and you receive 90% of the total reservation costs, including any add-ons purchased by the renter. You also have the option to charge additional fees for add-ons or extra mileage. Alternatively, with the SHARERIG Managed package, you receive 75% of the total fees collected by SHARERIG. Payouts are made twice a month, depending on the terms of your rental contract.

Usually the renter is responsible for providing the insurance and liability, and the requirements are agreed with you as an owner and then communicated to the renter. ShareRig is also ready to assist you. 

Maintenance and repair is a responsibility of the renter or the owner and it is arranged in the contract between the two parties. Shareig disclaims any responsibilities as to the condition of the vehicle or any maintenance. For any other questions you can always check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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