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Rent, Buy Or Lease
Semi Trucks and Trailers

Fast, transparent and risk-free process without piles of documents, lengthy procedures and hidden fees!

Truck and Trailer Sales

Sale of used and new rigs - from trucks to trailers in any price bracket

Find the best deals, based on your preference, budget and location. Buy easily and securely with cash or take advantage of our financing offers.

How buying works



the rig that best suits your needs;


Sign up

for a free account and validate it;



payment option - cash or financing;



the deal and you're all set.

ShareRig in numbers ...

Over $3,265,559 Revenue paid to our clients

More than 366 Processed Orders

We now have 874 satisfied customers

Level of satisfaction 99.8% on all orders

Truck and Trailer Lease to Buys

Lease-to-Buy a truck, trailer or van

Lease-to-Buy is our unique financing proposition for when you need a truck now, but don't want to spend the cash immediately. We take care of the agreements and legal procedures so you would get the best price, lower taxes and minimal fees.

How leasing works



the rig that best suits your needs;


Sign up

for a free account and validate it;



to lease the rig by filling out a few details;


Get approved

by our team and hit the road.

Why Work With Sharerig?

Great Technology

Using AI to match owners and renters

Secure Payments

ShareRig secures owners to receive their money on time

24/7 Customer Support

Constant live support by professionals

Sharerig Assistance

Seamless sharing process, secured transactions

Truck and Trailer Rentals

Rent a truck, trailer or van

Do you need a truck for a single trip, temporary replace your broken trailer or you want to extend your fleet with a couple of vans for a month? No worries, we work with owners and renters to alleviate the hassles of renting vehicles.

How renting works



the rig that best suits your needs;


Sign up

for a free account and validate it;



to rent the rig from the owner;


Get approved

by the owner and hit the road.

How Truck Financing Works?

Financing (credit application)
You need a truck, but you don’t have the financing, because of the ever-changing prices and difficult times right now?

Let us worry about this, so you don’t have to – we will find you a truck and a way to drive it.
Sharerig caters to first-time truck buyers as well as seasoned owners.

We have multiple financing resources across the country, and we will find the best option for you!
You don’t need to worry about spending too much, thanks to our pre-approval process – first find out how much, decide later.

Get Started

What people say about Sharerig

I’ve been trying and failing to find a way to finance the purchase of a truck for years.

In fact, I had completely given up hope that I’ll ever be able to get my credit score high enough for me to close a deal.

That’s when a friend of mine told me about ShareRig’s “lease-to-buy” program.

At first I didn’t believe him, but I decided to check.

I was shocked to discover that they do actually help drivers like me own their trucks.

Just 72 hours later I started my new truck’s engine. The whole process was super smooth.

And the best part is that I will be the rightful owner of my beauty (I call her Brandy) in just 18 months!

— Joe Sugar, Chicago, IL

Expanding a logistics business is never easy. And one of the main challenges is finding new trucks to rent and put on the road.

I tried so many middlemen in the past. No one had my best interest in mind quite like ShareRig.

These guys were by my side every step of the way in each rental I closed.

Not only that, they were always proactively helping me find ways to save money and get better terms.

I now have 5 trucks on the road – 3 of which I rented through ShareRig and I couldn’t be happier with their service!

— Frank Balch, Chicago, IL

I decided to purchase my first truck with ShareRig about a year ago and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

They were extremely supportive and very responsive throughout the entire time.

They answered each and every question I had (and they were many).

Everything went very smoothly and right now I’ve put over 200 000 miles on it.

Highly recommended for any new van buyers out there!

— James Parker, Chicago, IL

It was my first rental with Sharerig and I really appreciated the support and help I received. Great service.

— Danya Transportation,
Arlington Heights, IL

I was looking to buy a truck but got a great deal on Sharerig. Got my lease to own truck and rented a trailer so fully equipped I am on my own now.

— Marian H, Schaumburg, IL

Listing on Sharerig is a blaze. Never thought that I can use my parked inventory and make money at the same time.

— Brayan M, Mount Prospect, IL

Escape from the hassle of rental counters and hidden fees. Renting with ShareRig is affordable, easy, and secure. Here’s how:

You can’t put a price on your safety (Protection)

Worry about unexpected expenses for your rental truck? You don’t have to, with our truck service protection plans. How Sharerig can help you: contact us and we will assist you get just the right coverage for your truck.

Rental features: cancelation

Changed your mind, or something unpredictable happened and you no longer need the truck? Don’t worry, with our truck rental early cancelation option you can modify your request at any time without losing any money. Canceling your booking online is easy and fast through Sharerig.

Easy 3 step set up

Tired of complicated forms, and long lists of requirements? Our booking process is hassle-free and in only 3 steps you can get the truck you want, fast and easy.


Are you a seller, who needs exposure to a bigger market? Then you are in luck! We also offer comprehensive digital marketing packages: Facebook, Craigslist, Email, SEO, digital and print marketing materials.

Personal listings

Market yourself as a private owner, or your business with your own listing page. Add as much information as you want, to help you sell or rent out your inventory!

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