Monthly Payment
$1,303 *
Per month based on the specified truck value, downpayment, interest and credit score. Term 60 months. See Our Financing Disclosure


Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Monthly Payment
Per month based on the specified truck value, downpayment, interest and credit score. Term 60 months. See Our Financing Disclosure
* This is not an offer to finance. The calculations are based on average for the industry terms. Actual price may differ. There's no guarantee for financing. See Our Financing Disclosure

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New in business? Get funds for your startup. Want to expand your business? Keep your own money for other parts of the business and get financingto invest in new equipment.

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Apply online and we are here to support you right from the moment we receive your application till the money is in your bank account. Promise - no sharing of personal data with 3rd party vendors.

We provide the financing,

Get financing for any equipment you need

We provide the financing, you choose the equipment. Whether you want to get a new or pre-owned equipment, semi trucks or trailers, whether it’s Kenworth, Peterbilt, Great Dane - you name it.

Sky's The Limit

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Business growth doesn't know limits. So does our financing! We have flexible financing options because you need to control your business, not your dreams.

Common questions and answers in regards to our financing program

No, we are a broker, we work with many banking and non banking financial companies to secure the best option for your individual situation.
Starting from 6 percent and up to 30 percent depending on the personal financial situation. Our average customer pays 7 to 14 percent.
- We do a gift credit pull which generally does not affect your credit. - We submit your application to multiple institutions to get the best deal. - In this way we eliminate the need of multiple credit checks which lower your credit score and diminish your ability to get financing.
Currently we work with more than 40 bank institutions.
We work with many types of titled vehicles - semi trucks, trailers, utility trucks but also with construction equipment, vocational trucks and others.
It depends on the personal situation and the collateral. Usually 15-20 percent down payment is required.
There is no minimum credit score. We work with all credit situations. We are looking at your personal story. What is your business model and how are we able to help you to achieve your goals?
- Signed application. - State issued ID. - 3 months of bank statements. - 2 years of tax returns. - Personal financial statement. - If a company - current year Income statement and balance sheet reports. - Other documents required by the bank institution.
We don't have specific truck age limitations, however, when over certain mileage some lenders might require a certificate of overhaul.
- We finance a lot of transactions which your local bank has no interest in. - We provide small business (owner operator) equipment financing. - We finance private party sales. - We consider applications with less than perfect credit score. - Local banks just have no interest in equipment financing.
- As low as $10000. - As much as multiple millions of dollars.
If the truck is old and over 750K miles then we’ll need evidence for engine overhaul. But it’s possible to use additional collateral in order to close the transaction such as: - Real Estate - Personal Property
ShareRig LLC collects preliminary financial status information regarding consumers that may be interested in getting a loan through a broker from a banking/non-banking financial company for the purposes of obtaining a truck or trailer financing.