Get more money as Truck driver. Want to know how?

Although a truck driver’s job can be well-paid, it’s not always the case.

Your payment rate will depend on numerous factors, and that means it may vary from $28,000 to over $80,000 a year. Based on the data from more than 470k drivers, the annual trucker’s salary is around $66,160.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But how can you reasonably get from $28,000 to over $80,000?

The answer is by implementing the tips we will show you in the following article.

If you really want to learn how to make more money as a truck driver, just keep reading.

Make More Money as a Truck Driver Tips

First of all, you should know that the driver salaries differ greatly based on the location, experience, type of haul, and other contingent factors.

With that being said, let’s see what you can do to improve your rate significantly.

Increase Your Endorsement

Having a basic CDL will give you the chance to become a truck driver, but you still won’t be eligible for certain types of trucks.

Increasing your endorsements can help you find a job, as well as being picky in the hiring process. Of course, that will impact your payment rate too.

What is an endorsement in the first place?

Endorsement is an addition to a CDL that provides authorization to operate different types of vehicles and cargo.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are a variety of endorsements that can be acquired.


The majority of industry experts believe that these are the top three most valuable endorsements:

  • Hazardous Material
  • Tank Vehicle
  • Combination Tank Vehicle / Hazardous Materials

Each can help you make more money as a truck driver due to the increased risks associated with hazardous materials.

Look for Technical Routes

Another way to get higher-paid trucking jobs is to look for a more technical route. 

These have stricter requirements, but if you can meet them, you can raise your payment rate notably. 


Don’t forget that the routes are demanding and may involve higher risks. 

Always reconsider before jumping straight into a hard technical route.

Utilize the Bonuses

Most trucking companies offer bonuses, and these are a good way to increase your salary. Since the bonus structure will vary by carrier, you will have to look at your carrier’s payout structure. 

Some of the most common bonuses are for saving fuel, safety, and inspections. Many companies also offer referral bonuses for bringing new drivers to the firm. Performance and on-timer delivery bonuses are also frequently offered to incentivize drivers.

Utilizing the bonuses can rapidly increase your payment, so make a plan, follow through and execute it!

Consider a New Location

Sometimes, making more money as a truck driver means that you will have to relocate to a different state. The average salary varies by location, and unfortunately, there are some notable differences. 

For example, the average salaries in Florida and Alaska are $39,330 ($18.91 per hour) and $53,480 ($25.71 per hour) respectively.

Top 10 states based on annual salary for truck driving:

  1. North Dakota: $53,720 ($25.83 per hour)
  2. Alaska: $53,480 ($25.71 per hour)
  3. Massachusetts: $49,920 ($24 per hour)
  4. Nevada: $49,590 ($23.84 per hour)
  5. Wyoming: $49,210 ($23.66 per hour)
  6. New York: $48,390 ($23.26 per hour)
  7. New Jersey: $47,990 ($23.07 per hour)
  8. Connecticut: $47,420 ($22.80 per hour)
  9. Colorado: $47,340 ($22.76 per hour)
  10. Illinois: $46,970 ($22.58 per hour)

Of course, if you are willing to move to a new place in order to earn a higher salary, you should also keep other factors in mind, especially the cost of living in your new location.

In the end, you don’t want the costs of housing, utilities, and other essentials, to eat your extra profit.

Most of the opportunities to make higher salaries are found in the northeast or in the western United States.

Consider a Different Carrier or Company

Last but not least, you can look at other trucking companies and compare what they are offering. If you are not satisfied with your current payment, that’s the single best way to help you in that direction.

Consult with a professional recruiter, who can give you valuable insights to help you compare your current and possible future employment. Moreover, you can use third-party sites for the same purpose. 

If your driving record is clean, you won’t have any issues in switching to a new company.

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