2021 Great Dane, Cs1

Drop Deck Semi-Trailers, Dry


2021 Dry Body Trailer: Brand New, 2 Axle Configuration, 53ft Length
1 month ago
North Terre Haute, IN 47805
Vehicle type
Make & Model
2021 Great Dane, Cs1


Brand new 2021. VIN: 6306


Great Dane Trailer, Inc.
Axle Configuration
2 Axles
Body Specification
Straight/Drop/Wedge/Open Top
Body Type

Similar Vehicles

If you're considering the 2021 Great Dane Cs1 Trailer - Dry Body, here are three other options that offer similar capabilities:

  1. 2020 Utility 4000DX Composite Dry Van This trailer is known for its durability and versatility. It features a two-axle configuration, similar to the Great Dane Cs1. The body type is dry, making it suitable for transporting a wide variety of goods. With a length of 53 feet, it offers ample space for cargo.

  2. 2021 Wabash National Duraplate HD Dry Van Wabash National is another reputable manufacturer in the trailer industry. Their 2021 Duraplate HD model also has a two-axle configuration and a dry body type for diverse transportation needs. Its length matches that of the Great Dane Cs1 at 53 feet.

  3. 2020 Hyundai Translead HT Composite XT This model from Hyundai Translead offers similar specifications to the Great Dane Cs1 as well. It features a two-axle setup and a dry body type, making it versatile for different types of cargo transportations. With its 53-foot length, it provides plenty of room for various goods.

Remember to always consider your specific needs when choosing between these models as each one offers unique features beyond their similarities.

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