2007 Fontaine, Velocity Elite Edition

Flatbed Semi-Trailer in Acton, CA 93510

48 ft Trailer Length
Tandem Axle Spread

2007 Fontaine Velocity Elite Edition Energy Transport 48' x 102" Split Axle Flat Bed Trailer, 1 Large Storage Box, Back Up Lights, Extra Side Lights, Tires 11r 245.


Fontaine Trailer Co.
Exterior Color
Axle Configuration
Tandem Axle Spread
Body Specification
48'x 102"
Body Type
Trailer Specification


$15,500 For Sale

Vehicle Location

Acton, CA, 93510, US

AI Suggestions

If you're considering the 2007 Fontaine Velocity Elite Edition as your next flatbed semi-trailer, here are three rival vehicles that offer similar capabilities:

  1. 2006 Great Dane Flatbed Trailer: This trailer is a reliable choice for those seeking a robust and durable vehicle. With its 48' x 102" body specification, it matches the size of the Fontaine model. Its tandem axle configuration ensures stability on the road, while its extra lighting features make nighttime operations safer.

  2. 2008 Utility FS2CHA Flatbed: The Utility FS2CHA is another great alternative. It boasts a tandem axle spread just like the Fontaine Velocity Elite Edition, ensuring equal weight distribution for your cargo. The trailer also comes with a large storage box for additional utility and has an identical body type and length.

  3. 2007 Wabash National Flatbed Trailer: This model from Wabash National offers similar specifications as the Fontaine Velocity Elite Edition. With its black exterior color, it even matches in aesthetics! Its 48 ft length and 102" width provide ample space for cargo, while the tandem axle spread guarantees stability during transport.

Each of these trailers can serve as a worthy competitor to the 2007 Fontaine Velocity Elite Edition based on their similar features and capabilities.

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