2007 Great Dane, GDAN

Dry Van Semi-Trailer in Commerce, GA 30530

53 ft Trailer Length
2 Axles
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A Reliable Workhorse: 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer

Are you in the market for a reliable, used dry van trailer? Look no further than our 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer. This white beauty is located in Commerce, GA and available for pickup between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

A Solid Investment

Manufactured by the well-respected Great Dane Trailers, Inc., this trailer features a dry van body type, perfect for transporting non-perishable goods. With its two-axle configuration, you can expect stability and ease of handling on long hauls. It's 53-foot length ensures plenty of cargo space to meet your transportation needs.

An Unbeatable Offer

This used trailer is in good condition and ready to hit the road. At an affordable rental rate of $19/day (with a minimum rental period of seven days), it's an offer that's hard to beat. A security deposit of $500 is required upon rental.

Comparable Options

If you're considering other options, we also have trailers from Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, Wabash National, and Hyundai Translead that offer similar features and capabilities. But we believe our 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer stands out with its combination of reliability, functionality, and affordability.

So why wait? Get in touch with us today to learn more about this fantastic opportunity!


Great Dane Trailer, Inc.
Exterior Color
Axle Configuration
2 Axles
Body Specification
Dry Van
Body Type
Trailer Specification
Dry Freight/Reefer/Insulated




7 days minimum rental
$500 security deposit

Vehicle Location

Commerce, GA, 30530, US

AI Suggestions

Comparable Options to the 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer

If you're considering the 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer, there are a few other trailers you may want to take into account. These alternatives offer similar features and capabilities and might just catch your eye.

  1. 2008 Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company 4000D-X Composite

    This trailer by Utility offers a robust design with a steel frame for enhanced durability. Its dry van configuration makes it ideal for transporting non-perishable goods, while its 53-foot length provides plenty of cargo space. The two-axle configuration ensures stability and ease of handling on long hauls.

  2. 2006 Wabash National DuraPlate

    The Wabash National DuraPlate is another excellent alternative that comes with a durable construction designed for longevity. It features a dry van body type perfect for hauling various types of goods. Its two-axle system provides better handling, especially when carrying heavy loads. With an exterior color in white, it maintains an appealing look while concealing minor wear and tear.

  3. 2009 Hyundai Translead HT Composite

    Manufactured by Hyundai Translead, this trailer boasts impressive durability thanks to its composite construction. Like the Great Dane GDAN, it's designed as a dry van trailer suitable for transporting non-perishable items over long distances. It also features two axles for improved stability and handling during transit.

These trailers provide comparable functionality to the 2007 Great Dane GDAN Dry Van Trailer and would serve as worthy competitors in terms of their specifications and performance.

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