2007 Vanguard, Dry van

Dry Van Semi-Trailer in Kings Mountain, NC 28086

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wood floor etrack new back doors


Exterior Color
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$10,000 For Sale


for 30 weeks


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Kings Mountain, NC, 28086, US

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Sure, here's a blog post comparing other similar vehicles to the 2007 Vanguard Dry Van Semi-Trailer.

If you're interested in the 2007 Vanguard Dry Van Semi-Trailer with its wood floor etrack and new back doors, you might also want to consider these three alternatives:

  1. 2006 Great Dane Dry Van Trailer This model from one of the most renowned trailer manufacturers offers similar features with a solid reputation for durability. Just like the Vanguard model, it comes with a wooden floor and has been maintained well over the years. The Great Dane trailers are known for their robust build and long lifespan.

  2. 2008 Utility 4000D-X Composite Dry Van A step newer than our main feature, this model shares many of the same qualities as the 2007 Vanguard. It has a dry body type and white exterior color, but it also boasts composite walls for added strength and durability. If you're looking for something slightly more modern with a comparable price tag, this could be your pick.

  3. 2005 Wabash National Van Trailer A slightly older option, but don't let that deter you - this Wabash National model is built to last. Like the Vanguard, it features a dry body type perfect for hauling various types of cargo safely and efficiently. Its wooden floors have stood up well to wear and tear over time, making it an excellent alternative if you're looking at older models.

Remember that each truck has its unique pros and cons, so it's crucial to consider what specific needs you have before deciding on your purchase.