2021 HINO L7

Box Truck in Doral, FL 33122

8,886 mi
Automatic Transmission
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Offered by Rafael Lacerda
5 months on Sharerig

We are selling two 2021 Hino L7 box trucks with liftgate, almost new, in perfect condition. The two with exactly the same specs.

Truck 01: 8,886 miles Truck 02: 7,128 miles

Each truck USD 75,000

Contact: (786) 449-6465


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Brake System
Cab Type
Single Cab
Exterior Color
Engine Manufacturer
Fuel Type
GVWR Class
Class 7: 26,001-33,000 lb

This unit is not available!

Vehicle Location

Doral, FL, 33122, US

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Rafael Lacerda

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Contact: Rafael Lacerda

AI Suggestions

If you are considering the 2021 Hino L7 box truck, here are three comparable models that may also meet your needs:

  1. 2019 Freightliner M2 106

    The Freightliner M2 106 is a versatile medium-duty truck known for its durability and reliability. It features an automatic transmission, a single cab, and a box body similar to the Hino L7. The M2 106 is equipped with an air brake system and comes in various colors. Its A/C system ensures comfort during long drives.

  2. 2020 Isuzu NPR-HD

    This model from Isuzu offers similar capabilities to the Hino L7. It comes with an automatic transmission and a single cab configuration. The NPR-HD has a liftgate-equipped box body ideal for cargo transport, and it's powered by a diesel engine like the Hino L7. Its air conditioning system is reliable, ensuring good working conditions.

  3. 2020 Ford F-650

    The Ford F-650 is another strong contender in this class, offering similar features as the Hino L7 such as automatic transmission, single cab layout, and box body design with liftgate. It also boasts an air brake system for added safety and convenience on the road. With its black exterior color option, it matches the aesthetic of the Hino model.

Remember that each of these alternatives brings unique advantages to the table - be sure to consider all factors when choosing your next used truck!