Hear about some good events in trucking that will make you smile

We’ve taken the liberty to gather some of these stand-out stories of inspiration. Most of them are good from the last months.

Saving a Utility Worker from His Fiery Bucket Truck

The trucker was at the right place and the right time to become a hero!

With just minutes to spare before the truck exploded, a police officer ran over to Efrain Zepeda, a tractor-trailer who had stopped at a nearby intersection.

The police officer asked for help.

Without any second thoughts and without care for his own safety, Zepeda maneuvered his truck so the utility worker could climb on top of it. It was a dangerous move because the truck driver had to place the gas tank on the right side immediately next to the other truck’s flames.

Luckily, a fatal incident was avoided.

The Sonoma County Professional Firefighters union stated:

“Our citizens never cease to amaze us!”

A miracle into the dark

Joe Hylton has been a driver for more than two years and, by his count, this is the seventh time he has come to the rescue on the scene of an accident.

On his night shift, Joe was driving on Delaware’s Route 1, when he came across the scene of a bad accident. Both cars were almost fully destroyed and a man was frantically running down the road.

Hylton reacted immediately. He pulled over and walked into the middle of the high-speed highway in the dark to direct other drivers away from the two wrecked cars. Then one of the injured drivers started screaming. He couldn’t find his daughter.

‘I can’t find my daughter; I can’t find my daughter. I looked in and I saw an empty car seat in the back of the truck.” – were the words of the frantic father running around.

Without hesitation, Joe began to search through the marshy area along the road using just his flashlight.

He finally found a small gray bundle. At first, he was afraid to look, knowing the type of injuries the toddler could have sustained after being ejected from the car.

Unexpectedly, the little girl reached up to him without a single scratch.

The tearful dad thanked Joe, who got back in his truck and got back to work.

Volunteering with a Local Food Bank

In February, employees from the trucking company Bestpass, volunteered their time to work with Feed Albany. 

They gave up an afternoon of their time and spent it preparing over 500 meals. These meals helped make a difference in the lives of many people from Albany and the Greater Capital Region who were struggling.

The drivers not only helped others with their afternoon of volunteering, but they enjoyed the experience. 

One of the participants said, “It was wonderful to work together to help feed our community members who are in a greater need.”

A final word:

Sometimes in our hectic daily life, we are nervous, overwhelmed, and anxious. We fail to see the good news when it is actually all around us. These stories above are just a few examples. 

Be good, and the others will be good with you!

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