The 6 Best Semi-Truck Tires Of 2021

Commercial truck driving is currently one of the most popular jobs in America due to the many benefits that go beyond just the good salary and feeling the freedom of being on the road. Nonetheless, semi-trucks come with many responsibilities as well, and, arguably, the most important of them all is quality steer tires. Most of the top semi-truck tires of 2021 constantly exceed our expectations in mileage, consistency, grip, smooth function.  

The best tire brands list below focuses on the most reliable options that will benefit drives in the long run. Keep reading to find out more about each brand’s specifications and pick the perfect semi-truck tires to meet your needs.



American Transportation Steer Tire for semi-truck

American Transportation Steer Tires offer a deepened design, superior service life, crown profile, and immense durability at a very competitive price. They are the perfect option for commercial trucks and all types of heavy-duty vehicles. Plus, they are available in an array of different sizes and measurements. The steer tires are made of 100% virgin rubber, carbon black, and steel that protects against cracks and harmful objects while also featuring a high-powered mixed pattern. Moreover, they come with a full replacement tread warranty of 50,000 .



Road Warrior Steer Tire for semi-truck

For most commercial truck drivers, Road Warriors are a foolproof way of adding credibility and safety to a vehicle. The brand, founded in 1998, offers fantastic grasping capability with a G load range as well as a strong, non-slip connection to the ground that won’t go unnoticed. Due to the radial design of the tires on top of the sideslip resistance, the truck will easily maintain its balance.

Falken Steer Tire for semi-truck

These semi-truck tires are made with highway driving and line haul routes in mind. If you are looking for an option that offers  2x mileage without compromising the fuel efficiency of the tires, this one is for you. They come packed with special features in order to avoid stone drilling which is very much needed in premium steer tires for your heavy-duty vehicles. They have a  teardrop shape at the bottom surface and come with a decoupling groove designed in them.

Lavingator Steer Tires for semi-trucks

These freshly updated skid steer tires are packed with maximum grip capacity. Specifically designed for long-distance commercial truck driving and high-pressure loads, Lavingator tires offer low rolling resistance and low fuel-saving function. The additional low noise features along with their excellent skid resistance and water drainage function make them one of the best steer tires for your heavy-duty vehicles.

MICHELIN X LINE ENERGY Z tires for semi-truck

For many, Michelin x Line Energy is considered the best steer tire for long-haul semi-truck. It serves the smoothest ride possible, offering great bump absorbent while also guarantees a long tire life. According to many truck drivers’ experiences, the average is between 150K-200K mi. The Dual Compound Tread allows for more mileage without compromising ultra fuel efficiency and retreadability.

Pirelli Commercial Tires

Last but not least, Pirelli commercial tires carry one of the most prestigious brand names with 140 years of history. As the5th largest tire manufacturer in the world and number one brand in auto and moto sport, their proven innovative technologies are well known to everyone.

They are the best-selling semi-truck tires tire in Europe offering the highest speed index rating of 81 mph as opposed to the average of 75 mph for most of the brands on the market. Thanks to their stone trapping technology that prevents easy tire damage, this option comes with the reassurance of stability for heavy-duty vehicles.


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