Truck Drivers needed as transportation industry is facing shortages

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a shortage of more than 59,000 drivers in the transportation industry.

Jamie Bernard, admissions manager of the CDL School of Menands, reported that trucking companies are calling them to look for more drivers.

In the article, we will isolate the reasons behind the shortage of truck drivers and provide some possible solutions.

Let’s dive into it.

Contributing Factors

Due to the high number of drivers who are retiring, there is a greater need for new drivers to hit the road. 

The rigorous drug and psychical test sin several areas are causing drivers to struggle. Moreover, COVID-19 has prevented road testing for over four months. 

The good news is that the CDL is back on track, with new drivers starting to drive after six weeks of instruction.

The school provides the resources for truckers to learn about pre-trip and backing preparations as well as driving down the road. 

We are living in different times, producing truck drivers who are different from the drivers from years ago. For example, a lot of women have started their careers as truck drivers.

And that’s awesome!

Transportation services are an integral part of the US’s infrastructure and economy with 75 percent of freight in the states being moved by the trucking industry. 

A variety of factors have affected the amount of time needed for drivers to get their licenses. It started before the COVID-19 pandemic, which only exacerbated the problem. 

In the current climate, it may take up to half a year for some of the drivers to acquire their licenses and hit the road. 

Unfortunately, the prognoses are set to get even worse. 

Another reason for the shortage is the increasing demand for truck drivers. In the last two decades, there has been steady growth in the number of goods shipped across the country. The number of drivers, on the other hand, has not grown exponentially.

Another important aspect is that the lifestyle and payment don’t appeal to as many people as they used to. With modern job positions like Software Engineer, Digital Marketing Manager, and Web Developer, all of which are highly paid, trucking doesn’t look like the best option. 

However, if there is a pay growth, we believe more people will consider a career as a truck driver.

Eventual Effects of the Shortage in Drivers

According to Tom Kloza, the head of OPIS Energy Analysis, the truck driver shortage may cause a threat to the gas supply across America. With running out of fuel, gas prices will increase significantly. 

The statement also comes on the heels of shortages across Florida during the spring break.

The concerns are that the deficit might potentially be here around Labor Day.

What’s the solution?

First of all, the culture needs an improvement. Drivers value time with their families the most. Allowing truckers to move over shorter routes, will give them the chance to be with their beloved once more.

Also, truck companies need to focus on the driver’s needs.

A study by Professional Driver Agency shows that the main aspects that can help drivers retention and recruitment are equipment, compensation, and operations.

Moreover, drivers might have problems with:

  • Orientation/Training
  • Team Problems
  • Safety

Modern trucking companies need to find the answers to all these issues.

In our article, we gave some incredible tips on how organizations

can overcome the issues with equipment, operations, and compensation.

Last but not least, increasing the

payment rate is another well-known way to attract more drivers.

Other beneficial bonuses like 401(k)

package, health care, and paid time off are the minimum needed to improve

retention and recruitment.

Final word:

The situation with the truck driver shortage is dynamic, and we will continue tracking it to give you valuable insight on what is going on in the trucking world!


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