Are There Drivers Shortages in the Trucking Industry?

Trucking is an essential industry in the U.S. economy, but it is facing a shortage of drivers. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there will be a shortage of more than 200,000 drivers by 2022.

This shortage has existed for some time, but it appears that 2022 will see the most dramatic shifts take place. With this shortage looming over the industry, what are some solutions?

The Trucking Shortage

One of the major issues is that there are not enough qualified drivers. The drivers currently on the road are retiring, but there are not enough people to replace them. This leaves an opportunity for more companies to fill the void left by these retirees.

Another problem is that trucking is thought by many to be unsafe business. According to a recent study, only 12% of new drivers stay with trucking after their first year on the job. This means that many newly trained drivers are quitting this industry due to safety reasons.

This shortage has led some companies to invest in new technology, which will lead to more efficient routes and less traffic congestion on highways. Technologies like autonomous vehicles could mean more efficient routes and less traffic congestion on highways. These technologies may take at least 10 years before are seen on the roadways in large numbers.

Solutions to the Trucking Shortage

One solution is to recruit military veterans. The U.S. Department of Labor, called the Troops to Truckers Initiative, has set up a program to help veterans transition into a new career in trucking.

This initiative offers a variety of resources and assistance to help veterans get started with their new careers. They offer mentorship programs, educational opportunities, hands-on training workshops, and even financial assistance for qualified applicants.

There are also other state initiatives that are trying to solve the shortage problem. One example is Illinois’ program that offers incentives for people who are just out of high school or prison who want to become truck drivers. The incentives include tuition reimbursement and free textbooks for an apprenticeship program.


The trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers by 2022. The trucking shortage is a result of a number of factors, including a low unemployment rate, a lack of qualified workers, and an ageing workforce. There are a number of possible solutions to the shortage, including recruiting from other industries, improving benefits and training, and increasing the use of automation. By the way, as we predicted, a lot has changed since last year: Is trucking still America’s best job in 2021?

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